The vineyard is located in the hills of Mezola, next to the village of Cerbaia in the district of San Casciano in Val di Pesa, close to Florence. Along with the variety of traditional Tuscan grapes planted at the vineyard, we have also introduced a new grape to Tuscany, the Malbec grape.
The wines mature in oak barrels from 1,000 to 5,000 liters over a period of one to three years and then, once bottled, age for another one to two years. They are named in honor of the history of Cerbaia.
Production is planned to arrive to 30,000 bottles/year

The territory of Chianti Classico is on the region of Tuscany that has been producing wines since the Roman Empire, when Cerbaia was known as the place of the three towers, “Triturris ad Pontes Pesae”. During the Middle Ages, the towers served for the defense of Florence.

The average temperature during the local Spring and Summer is 28°C, with a thermal range of around 12°C between night and day, and average daily insolation of up to 15 hours.
View of the Malbec vineyard.

Soils are clay and water-rich, deriving from the annual plantation of vegetation rich in organic matter. View of Sangiovese vineyard.

View of the oak barrels and sample of the labels.