Villa Bari vineyard is located in the hills of Porto Alegre, in Rio Grande do Sul, the southernmost State of Brazil.

In that region, the subtropical climate – characterized by well distributed rain throughout the year, hot summers and cold winters – is appropriate for growing grapes.

Besides the Cabernet Sauvignon, Franc and Merlot varieties, there was introduced the Tannat grape, that has perfectly adapted to the characteristics of the soil and local microclimate.

The wines smell like dry grapes as a result from their prolonged maturation and ageing in the bottle for two years.

Production is limited to 5,000 bottles per year.


The producer Luiz Barichello is the grandson from an Italian Family from the Veneto region that arrived to the South of Brazil in 1885 and founded the city of Garibaldi, known by their production of wines and sparkling wines. He grew up surrounded by the viniculture environment and inherited from his father and grandfather their passion for vineyards and wine, creating, this way, a sentimental and olfactory memory he tries today to reproduce in his wine. He studied Business Administration, Geology and Ontopsicology. For 30 years was Chief Financial Officer on two major corporations in Porto Alegre.

Parallel to his professional activities, he kept this love for the land and wine alive with several trips to Italy and France, where he met some of the most important wine producers, including Giuseppe Quintarelli in Valpolicella, with whom he shared business opportunities.

Barichello started his activities as a wine producer in 2001. Along with the production of L´Arco wines in Valpolicella, in the Verona surroundings. Still in 2001, he broadened his passion and experience with the Villa Bari project in Southern Brazil, a region with soil and weather suitable for the growing of grapes proper for Valpolicella style wine production (with dried grapes).

In 2005 he increased his activities by founding Villa Triturris, in the Chianti Classico region, close to Florence, and, in 2008, launched the Villa Agrelo project in Mendoza, Argentina.

Panoramic view of Villa Bari with the vineyards anchored by rose granite pillars, sculpted by local artisans.

Soil with predominance of minerals originating from decomposing sandstone rocks, rich in sandstone with average levels of organic matter.
Good insolation and average thermal range of 12°C, associated to an average temperature of 25°C, create the ideal conditions for good grape maturation.

 The bottled wines mature for several years in a cellar with temperature at 18 ºC and controlled humidity.